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28 September 2006

A Christmas Poem by Christian

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At once the snow broke slowly
at first a lonely few flew coldly
a prick of frozen nail upon me

but winter’s roaring ranks did swell
embraced with with windy wings angel
us both the dumpling fairy tale

I yearned to leave the pavement streets
and be as she, whose hair danced free
and merry spiting icing sheets

through wisp through cast through swell and fall
i heard the echoed broken carol
sweets and sharp despite the howls

she sang “the snow can’t hurt me now
its chains can’t hold or slow me down
or lose my hold on solid ground

i once felt every pinch of cold
and nestled deep in bundled clothes
to mother all my hardened bones

but girlish youth unearthed so vacant
a hunger formed that pained starvation
lay me at the devils banquet

heated bread and wine of flesh
the taste of blood did fill my breast
but left alone the emptiness

the hall was lit and well adorned
and every course anounced by horns
but deep a christmas child formed

on christmas day she came to me
and left so quickly, silently
i placed her by an old fir tree.

so every christmas season since
when chills from holy realm are sent
and everywhere lurks happiness

i feel no pain, i feel no glee
only petty empty weeks
and frosty flakes in me


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